Supply and installation of lighting

Supply and installation of lighting

Supply and installation of the lighting linking the road junction C-13 Pk 13+100 to 20+000, in Vilanova de la Barca - Térmens (Lleida) for the company Gestión de Infraestructuras, S.A.U. (GISA).

Gestión de Infraestructuras, S.A.U. (GISA), (Variant Vilanova Joint Venture)
From January 2014 to March 2014
Type of service:
Integral installations
355.249€ (VAT not included)

Supply and execution of the lightening and road safety lights.

Engineer: Juan Carlos Salcines Berzosa. Engineer of roads, canals and ports.

New lighting for the three road junctions linking the variant and its access. The Vilanova Sur junction is a diamond interchange with an overpass over the base located at PK1+560.

Vilanova Norte junction includes a roundabout at a different height linking the new road located at PK 3+840. The Térmens Sur junction has the same characteristics as the previous one, and it is located at PK 6 + 380.  And also the four access roads leading to the main road: Roundabout access, cemetery, industrial estate and Térmens C-13.


Technical data

Electrical installations

4 Command Centres / static force flow regulators 50kVA, light output 22.04 kW and 41.55 kW electrical power.

Installation of the columns

Bacolsa European model columns with the following measures: 9 metres, 60 mm diameter and 4mm thick. 164 units. European with the following measures: 9 metres, 76 mm diameter and 4 mm thick. 1 unit. A special cylindrical-conical column with the following measures: 12 meters, 124 mm diameter and 4 mm thick. 4 units.

Lighting system

Cariboni Fivep Lite luminaires, models: Phos 40 LED 80W, 8530 lm. 120 units. Phos 50 LED 100W 10670 lm. 27 units. Phos 60 LED 120W 12800 lm. 37 units. Newton Asim. Projectors, 18 LED 138W, 16200 lm. 48 units.