Hydroelectric plants

Hydroelectric plants

Supply and execution of the CCTV installation, intrusion and CCAA for Endesa’s hydroelectric plants located in Moralets, Montañana, El Pont de Suert, Senet, Tavascan, Vielha and Sallente.

Endesa Energía, S.A. (Envitel Tecnología y Control, S.A.)
From February 2013 to April 2014
Type of service:
Integral installations
244.848€ (VAT not included)

Supply and execution of electrical, telecommunications and radio installations.

Supply and installation of: CCTV’s, intrusion and CCAA to expand the Moralets Hydroelectric plant and the refurbishment of the plants located in Montañana, El Pont de Suert, Senet, Tavascan, Vielha and Sallente.

Installation of fixed cameras and PTZ dome cameras, intrusion panels, keyboard, volumetric, contacts, expanders, detectors and sirens, racks, SAIs and system security recording servers.


Technical data

CCTV Installation

Fixed and PTZ dome cameras with integrated IR focuses and video transmission via twisted pair.

Intrusion installation

Replacing existing intrusion panels for Grade 3 Honeywell Galaxy Dimension 520, with the addition of Grade 3 interior and exterior volumetric and SIP equipment to cover large distances.

Installing Racks

15 and 22U floor and wall racks, including SAIs, recording servers and optical fibre transmission equipment for video streaming, and TCP-IP and RS485 data.