Sorigué concludes research into an electric energy generation system integrated into roads

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Sorigué concludes research into an electric energy generation system integrated into roads

July 1, 2021

The project, carried out by the company’s research laboratory, has made it possible to design a piezoelectric generation system absorbed into an asphalt mix which is able to give off electric signals. UPC and company group Axer collaborated on the project.

The Sorigué research laboratory has concluded the project “Development of an electric energy generation system using piezoelectric generators integrated into roads: Piezoroad” after two years of research.

The project originated from the need to develop scalable electric generation elements that can be integrated into the road surface in order to respond to the electric power demands of future smart roads with a robust system regardless of atmospheric conditions and which distributes costs responsibly.

This research has entailed a step forwards in Sorigué’s know how, and it may substantially improve the results of previous projects developed in the same line. 

Technologically speaking, the expected results have been achieved on the basis of tests carried out in the laboratory throughout the research. Nevertheless, the performance obtained can be improved. The limited power output obtained from the piezoelectric system suggests ways to improve the encapsulation system in order to achieve higher power output in the future. 
The project, which had a budget of €502,303, has been developed entirely by the Sorigué research laboratory. It also featured the collaboration of the Laboratory for Technological Innovation of Structures and Materials (LITEM) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and Axer, the Sorigué business group company specialising in integrated installations. It is an expert in electrics and electronics, characterising electrical signals and capable of designing energy collection structures.