New roads in Les Glòries


New roads in Les Glòries

Glòries joint venture
From March to November 2014
Type of work:

The main work consisted of the demolition of the circular flyover in Plaza de les Glòries. The work included execution of all the provisional diversions necessary for the phased demolition of the existing flyover and, finally, paving of the surface of the completed roads.

The area of action was in the Plaza de les Glòries: hub of the main roads in the city of Barcelona, such as Avinguda Meridiana, Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes and Avinguda Diagonal.

As the work directly affected these roads, actions were scheduled for weekends and nights, with the aim of minimising the impact on traffic. In addition, during the work, traffic was diverted to alternative routes so that road users and public transport were not affected.


Technical data

Units executed

1,214 t of AC8 SURF 50/70 D, as the wearing course on pavements.

6,540 t of AC16 SURF 50/70 D, as the middle course.

6,343 t of AC22 BASE 50/70 D, as the base course.

4,436 t of BBTM 11A 45/80-65 F, as the wearing course on roads.


5,760 m2 of RUGOFIR-type hot-applied, high-performance ultrathin asphalt concrete (UTLAC) with a capacity for 25-30 kg/m2, integrated into the existing surface using a Elastam-type spreader with automatic coating system, and a highly modified capacity (average capacity 0.8 to 1.2 kg/m2).

450 m2 of Firblind stamped paving, for the blind.