Refurbishment of the road surface on motorway AP-7 and junction C-60

Asfaltat ferm AP-7

Refurbishment of the road surface on motorway AP-7 and junction C-60

June – November 2015
Type of work:
3,850,000 € (ex-VAT)

The works cover refurbishment of the road surface on the highways stated, carrying out structural reinforcements, regularisations and spreading the rolling surface.

The set of the road surface refurbishment works is broken down into three headings: AP7 from Km. 138+600 to 147+500 in both directions, AP7 from Km. 128+500 to 125+000 in the downward direction and C-60 and Mollet del Vallès centre.

The work performed by Firtec, a Sorigué company, were: the structural and punctual reinforcement of the road surfaces with corrections, regularisation to improve the road surface plane and, finally, spreading the rolling surface. The works site is one of the points with the highest average daily traffic on the motorway network of Spain.

The first two jobs were executed on working days on night shift. A study was carried out using the traffic data provided by the Motorway Authorities to carry out rolling surface laying, concluding that the optimum working hours to minimise the effect on the traffic and obtain a good performance were Friday and Saturday nights.  

The works also included execution of the joints in the motorway deck using Firmastic asphalt mastic specifically designed for that purpose. 


Technical data

AC16S for correction and regularisation layers  5.996,45 t

AC22S for correction layers   224,64 t

BBTM11A for rolling layers with modified
tar BM-3c and fibres
   30.275,41 t

Modified tar PMB 45/80-60 (BM-3b)  299,85 t

Modified tar PMB 45/80-65 (BM-3c)  1.896,13 t

Thermoadhesive Emulsion C60BP3  Ter 253,24

Cellulose fibres  94,56 t

Box aperture 100 cm wide and thick
for up to 12 cm with cellulose fibres    327 m

Cutting and sealing 3 cm wide and 3 cm deep    668 m