Terrassa sanitation system


Terrassa sanitation system

Award of tender for the operation and maintenance of the Terrassa WWTP to the joint venture made up of Acsa, Obras e Infraestructuras and SAV-DAM, for the purposes of operating and maintaining the treatment facilities to guarantee their proper running and the quality of the treated water.

Catalan Water Agency (ACA)
From March 2014 to date
Type of work:
Operation and maintenance

The Terrassa WWTP features a water line capable of biologically treating 90,000 cubic metres of wastewater per day, with a mixed system comprising a membrane bioreactor (MBR) system with a modified (anoxic-oxic) MLE configuration for 15,000 m3 per day, and a hybrid suspended and fixed culture treatment with IFAS support for another 75,000 m3 per day.

The sludge line is made up of an anaerobic sludge digestion system comprising two 8,730 m3 digesters. Once digested, the sludge is dewatered in centrifuge facilities before removal.