Sorigué, the first Catalan construction company to receive the AENOR Criminal Compliance and Social Responsibility certifications

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Sorigué, the first Catalan construction company to receive the AENOR Criminal Compliance and Social Responsibility certifications

The Group consolidates its responsible business model
December 11, 2019

In accordance with UNE 19601 on Criminal Compliance, AENOR affirms that the Sorigué business group possesses and implements a set of preventive tools guaranteeing that Sorigué's activity is carried out in compliance with legal regulations.

Barcelona, 11 December 2019 - This Tuesday, 10 December, the President of Sorigué, Ana Vallés, received the AENOR Criminal Compliance Certification, which certifies that 19 companies of the business group have implemented a management system as per standard UNE 19601, guaranteeing that the Sorigué companies operate in compliance with legal regulations, internal policies, sectoral Codes of Ethics and any other provision with which these are required to comply or have voluntarily subscribed.
The certification was presented by Eva Subirá, Director of AENOR in Catalonia, at Sorigué’s headquarters in Barcelona.
Consequently, the Sorigué business group is now the first Catalan construction company to receive two benchmark certifications: Criminal Compliance and Social Responsibility, in accordance with international standard IQNet SR10, the latter having been obtained by the group in 2017.
The receipt of this new certification, a distinguishing factor in the sector, reaffirms Sorigué's commitment to complying with the legal framework, crime prevention and responsible growth. This last element is one of the pillars of the company’s Strategic Plan, which seeks to ensure the sustainable development of the group. The Criminal Compliance certification encompasses 94.8% of the group's turnover and 91.7% of its human team.
“We are very pleased to have received this new certification, which reflects the scope of one of the most important objectives of our 2020 Strategic Plan: commitment to responsible business and sustainability,” said Ana Vallés during the certification award ceremony.
The group companies that have received the certification of standard UNE 19601 Criminal Compliance Management System are: Acsa, Obras e Infraestructuras; Constraula; Ambitec; Coutex; Sorigué; Sorigué Acsa Conservación; Finycar; Aficsa; Vialex; Cumesa: Cimexco; Nordvert; ICA; Ditransco, Àrids Catalunya; Axer; and CLD.


AENOR developed this crime prevention management model to respond to the requirements of Law 1/2015, which asserts that the adoption and effective implementation of crime prevention models in companies allows these to mitigate and even exempt the legal entity from criminal liability.

Social Responsibility
What’s more, in 2019, 84% of the group’s companies obtained the AENOR Social Responsibility certification in accordance with standard IQNet SR10, the first international standard for the social responsibility management system. This certification affirms the correct implementation of social responsibility management in all business processes.
The IQNet SR10 international management and improvement standard, developed by the international network of IQNet certifiers, compiles the best practices and recommendations in the field of social responsibility throughout the world, as well as those set forth in ISO 26000.
The extension of this certification, which was first obtained in 2017, currently covers 84% of the Group's turnover and 77% of its workforce. The aim is that by 2020, all Group companies will have obtained this international seal.
Since 2016, the group has had a Department of Social Responsibility and Compliance, which develops strategies to enable the group to grow sustainably under the highest standards of quality, social responsibility and environmental protection and improvement.