CLD unveils its new 100% electric cleaning trolley

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CLD unveils its new 100% electric cleaning trolley

April 9, 2019

Sorigué Group’s specialist waste management company has developed a new cleaning trolley that offers a substantial improvement in its road service.

Sorigué Group’s specialist waste management company, CLD, has developed a new 100% electric cleaning trolley and included it in its urban services.
This in-house innovation will benefit the occupational health of employees. Its ergonomic design provides for a high degree of maneuverability and versatility, characteristics that are enhanced by its electric mobility, which, in addition to providing greater stability, decreases the effort required by the human team when accessing steep areas. The design also improves the supports that provide for the transfer of work tools.

The new equipment incorporates a route tracking device, which, via a touch screen, displays service routes and work orders. In addition, the system allows users to report incidents and control work routes via the built-in GPS.

The new cleaning trolley has already successfully passed the initial trial phase. Its use will be gradually extended to all personnel involved in the street cleaning service.


Since 2009, CLD has been responsible for waste collection and street cleaning in the northern part of Barcelona, which encompasses the Nou Barris and Horta-Guinardó districts, serving more than 340,000 residents.

About CLD
CLD was founded in 1930 and is one of the first environmental operators in Catalonia with more than 88 years’ experience in urban service management. Originally CLD was structured as a cooperative, hence its Spanish name: Cooperativa de Usuarios del Servicio de Limpieza Pública Domiciliaria de Barcelona (Cooperative of Users of the Home Public Cleaning Service of Barcelona).

It currently has urban service contracts in place across more than 70 locations in Catalonia and Andorra. The company was acquired by the Sorigué Group in March 2016.


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