CLD, a Sorigué group company, installs an innovative solid hydrogen battery to store electricity

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CLD, a Sorigué group company, installs an innovative solid hydrogen battery to store electricity

September 29, 2016

The European project EDEN, in collaboration with Corp CLD, a Sorigué group company specializing in urban cleaning and wastewater collection and treatment, and the Barcelona Municipal Government, have for the first time installed a solid hydrogen battery to store electricity in safe and efficient manner.

This battery, which has been installed at the Centre de Neteja in the Horta-Guinardó district park, operated by CLD, is the first of its kind to be installed anywhere in the world, and it will allow accumulated energy to be released depending on the demand required.

The battery is conceived for use in buildings (or larger areas like neighborhoods or districts), an will allow smart management of the generation and consumption of energy. Were it possible to connect them as a network and in larger numbers, they would be able to generate and supply the energy needed for the normal operation of the building/territory, eliminating the need for fossil fuel energy sources (natural gas, gas oil, fuel oil, etc.).

The data resulting from this innovative research will be reviewed to confirm that this form of energy storage will indeed decrease local emissions of atmospheric pollutants, thus contributing to the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting global warming. 


This initiative included participation of the Municipal Government of Barcelona, through the Agència de l’Energia de Barcelona (AEB), the Department of Neteja i Gestió de Residus, the Department of Servei de Prevenció, Extinció d'Incendis i Salvament, and Corp CLD.

European innovation projects

Installation of this innovative solid hydrogen battery responds to the demands of the European EDEN project, which seeks to open up new means of research and development of innovative energy efficient systems that allow renewable production of energy. 
Different European research centers have participated in the project, including the Catalan engineering firm CIDETE. 

About Corp CLD

Corp CLD is a company that for more than 85 years has dedicated itself to the management of Urban Services. It is one of the top environmental operators in Catalonia.