Sorigué builds an innovative and ecological heating and cooling link for the Hospital del Mar

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Sorigué builds an innovative and ecological heating and cooling link for the Hospital del Mar

September 27, 2016

Sorigué, a company specializing in industrial projects, is developing through Districlima, a specialist in the sustainable creation of urban heating and cooling distribution networks, an innovative link for the supply of cooling thermal energy to the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona.

This approach reflects an improved and more eco-friendly solution than traditional climate control systems, and offers significant energy and cost savings.  In addition, this new system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The project, which runs through a densely populated and high traffic urban area (Districts of Sant Martí and Ciutat Vella), includes a two-kilometer network, and is comprised of two pre-insulated hot water pipes, and two more cold water pipes. This way, the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona will be connected with the main distribution network at Calle Ramón Turró, corner of Calle Badajoz.

The diameters of the pipes are between 450 and 500 mm for cold water and 250 and 300 mm for hot water. The total length of the piping is 1,800 m, i.e., 7,200 m of piping (in their various sizes) with their corresponding accessories.

In our country, these heating and cooling networks are still new, but they are very popular in cities like Paris, Vienna, New York, and Helsinki. 

This project, the cost of which will be approximately 5,000,000 €, began last June and will end in January 2017.


About Sorigué

Sorigué is a strong and dynamic business group and a leader in the construction, services, technology, and water engineering sectors. Sorigué is firmly committed to innovation and is dedicated to giving back to society. Through its Technology and Services area, and thanks to its extensive experience in piping projects, Sorigué is a leading contractor in the construction of urban heating and cooling networks for use in heating, climate control, and production of domestic hot water.


Districlima was established in 2002 to implement, for the first time in Spain, an urban heating and cooling distribution network for use in heating, climate control, and domestic hot water.
In its initial stage, the project is located in an area of Barcelona that was redesigned and replanned to host the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures (Front Litoral del Besòs). The project includes the design, construction, and subsequent operation, through a 25-year concession, of the Forum production plant and the energy distribution network. In 2005, after conducting a public tender, the second stage began with the expansion of the network to the 22@ technology district. With a 27-year concession, the network is being expanded at pace with the urban development of the area and the connection needs of new users.