Maintenance of Barcelona’s ring roads

Maintenance of Barcelona’s ring roads

Comprehensive maintenance service on the ring roads in Barcelona and the Gran Vía Nord municipal section.

Consell Comarcal del Barcelonès / Metropolitan Area of Barcelona
January 2017 - January 2021
Type of work:
Other infrastructure
Housing developments
€15,993,431.38 (excluding VAT)

The contract includes the following work:

Driving operations
• Security service, attention to incidents and accidents, temporary signage, and maintenance of road components.
• Winter roadway operations.
• Functionality and management of the maintenance and operations center.
• GIS management operations, attention to and control of centralized systems, as well as scheduling, monitoring and management of execution.
Preventive, regulatory, and systematic operations
Operations that should be carried out systematically or, in other words, on a regular basis:
• Regulatory inspections.
• Periodic preventive inspections.
• Cleaning operations.

Corrective operations
Unexpected operations that do not have a pre-established frequency:

• Unexpected operations on roads and preservation of road components that can cause congestion on the road and negatively affect its normal safety conditions.
• Cleaning and occasional inspection required by an external factor.
• One-off operations or improvement operations.


Technical data


  • C-32: Kilometer points 59+054 to kilometer points 63+130
  • B-20: Ronda de Dalt. Kilometer points 4+580 to kilometer points 16+000
  • B-10: Ronda Litoral. Kilometer points 0+000 to kilometer points 12+110
  • C-58: Nus de la Trinitat
  • C-31: Gran Via Nord - kilometer points 205+912 to kilometer points 208+570