Maintenance and operation of the A-2

Maintenance of the A-2

Maintenance and operation of the A-2

Service contract for the carrying out of a number of maintenance and operational duties on the A-2 Lleida to Barcelona motorway, kilometre points 530+010 to 604+435.

Highways Directorate General of the Spanish Ministry for Public Works
From December 2014 to December 2018
Type of work:

Integrated maintenance.
Surveillance and road maintenance operations: maintenance and communications centre.
Road maintenance; winter road maintenance; emergency actions and repair for lighting and traffic light control installations. Includes maintenance and upkeep of the El Bruc tunnel (in both directions).

Maintenance and repair work on highway components.
Scheduling, monitoring and control work: establishment and updating of inventories.
Status checks; job scheduling; monitoring of execution and obtaining of results.


Technical data


1 Head of Road Management and Operation
1 lawyer
1 Head of Operations
1 clerical worker
1 manager
5 organisation technicians
5 organisation technicians
7 senior officials with “C” carnet
8 senior officials with “C” carnet
1 foreman with “C” carnet
3 specialist workers
1 industrial engineering technician
1 electrical foreman
1 Category-1 electrician
1 Category-2 electrician with “C” carnet
1 maintenance and operation technician
1 organisation technician
8 Category-1 workers with “C” carnet for winter maintenance


2 trucks
3 cars
4 light vans
4 vans
2 4x4 all-terrain vehicles
1 mini backhoe excavator
2 generators
2 compressors
8 complete sets of road signs
1 mobile road sign trailer
1 bucket truck with 18-metre arm
6 all-wheel drive trucks
4 salt spreaders
2 brine spreaders
6 snow plough blades