Heating and cooling network for connection to the Hospital del Mar

Districlima Hospital del Mar

Heating and cooling network for connection to the Hospital del Mar

Construction of the infrastructure needed for supply of thermal energy to Hospital del Mar, from the current main heating and cooling distribution distribution network in Distrito 22@, in the Poblenou area.

June 2016 - January 2017
Type of work:
Cold-hot distribution networks
4.667.180,81 €

The project consists of installation of preinsulated piping for cold and hot water to connect the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona with the main network, at Calle Ramón Turró, corner of Calle Badajoz.

The diameters of the pipes are between 450 and 500 mm for cold water and 250 and 300 mm for hot water. The total length of the piping is 1,800 m.

The urban area through which the network flows has high population and traffic density, in addition to a difficult subsoil that includes problems with the water table. In order to overcome these problems, horizontal drilling will be performed, with excavation of wells and removal of water using a well point system.

The scope of the works includes, in this order: removal of existing pavement on the roadway, trench excavation, horizontal drilling and mine excavations, installation of pipings and related parts with all accessories, cleaning and operational testing, refilling, extension and compacting of the trench, pavement and urbanization.

Because of the firm and tight deadline, this project has been performed in three simultaneous sections.


Technical data

Type of piping:
Preinsulated steel

Insulating material:
Polyurethane foam

Exterior protection:
High-density polyethylene

Cold: 500/450 mm
Heat: 300/250 mm

Length of section:
1,800 m approx.

Length of piping:
Cold network: 3,494 m
Heat network: 3,515 m

Trench excavation:
Width: 3.5 m
Depth: 2-4 m

Shielding drawers

Water table: 
Well point

Singular crossings:
4 drives
5 mine excavations
Ronda Litoral

3 x steel pipe, 800 mm 
Total length = 277 m