Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona (CAT) Tunnels

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Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona (CAT) Tunnels

Replacement of current DN700 jacketed reinforced concrete piping with new sections of HDPE DN1000 PN12.5 piping, including construction of tunnels at highway crossings, DN3000 concrete drive pipes for railways, hydraulic testing and chemical cleaning of new pipes.

Consorci d'Aigües de Tarragona (CAT)
March 2016 - September 2016
Type of work:
Industrial maintenance
1.152.253,20 €

Works consist of four actions in different branches of the CAT network:  

Action 1 (Constantí - Repsol Branch): Replacement of existing piping with 130 m of HDPE DN1000 pipe. Construction of prefabricated tunnel, 4.00 x 2.50 m, at highway crossing. Connection works limited to 14 hours from the time of service interruption. 

Action 1B (Constantí - Repsol Branch): Covering works, with no cuts in service, of 23 m of existing piping, with prefabricated canals, 4.00 x 2.75 m. 


Action 2 (Litoral Branch): Replacement of 50 m of existing piping with HDPE DN1000 pipe. Installation, open air and primarily in the tunnel existing under the highway, with no traffic interruptions, and limited to 32 hours from the service interruption.  

Action 3 (Litoral Branch): Replacement of 140 m of existing piping with HDPE DN1000 pipe, modifying the route. DN3000 concrete drive pipe under the railway for new piping. Connection works limited to 16 hours from the time of service interruption.


Technical data


320 m of DN 1000 PN 12.50 polyethylene HDPE.

53 m of concrete pipe for DN3000 drive pipe.



6,500 kg of AISI 316 stainless steel for manufacture of boiler parts, connection strips, T reinforcement brackets.

45,000 kg of B500S corrugated steel for concrete structure.



1,300 m³ of concrete for structures and massifs.

9,000 m³ of trench excavation.

45 m of new tunnels with prefabricated frames and canals.