Disassembly of the boiler as part of dismantling the Compostilla II thermal power plant

Disassembly of the boiler as part of dismantling the Compostilla II thermal power plant

Disassembly work of the main structure and unique components of the unit 2 boiler as part of the dismantling and demolition work of units 1 and 2 and the associated facilities at the Compostilla II thermal power plant.

Endesa Generación
January 2019 - April 2022
Type of service:
Industrial maintenance
The Compostilla plant is a conventional cycle thermoelectric facility that has been operational since the 1960s and was coal-powered.
Located in the region of El Bierzo, it was Endesa’s first production plant and one of the most important in Spain. In its last phase, it had three units with a total power of 1051.7 MW, but the energy company announced its closure from 2018 as part of the campaign to close coal-powered thermal power plants, and it was finally disconnected from the grid in June 2020. 
In this context, and as part of the unit 1 and 2 dismantling project, one of the most complex stages consisted of disassembling the main structure of the G-2 boiler. The total overall weight of the structure and unique components (surge tank) was, 1350 t. A total of 45 processes were undertaken to disassemble the structural elements of 625 m² of decking, the matrix of six girders beams (main beams), the upper sealed chamber and the surge tank, the 
structural lattice steelwork of the four façades and the four 25 m high mixed main columns. Other components, such as the ladders, platforms, the deck and secondary components were also subject to intervention. The following interventions were carried out:
  • Disassembly and scrap page of the mixed main structure (metal + HA) 
  • Disassembly and scrap page of unique components (surge tank, girder beams and upper sealed chamber).
  • Disassembly and scrap page of metal components of the façade structure.
  • Diamond wire cutting of the mixed columns (HA + metal) and disassembly using cranes. 
  • Mechanical demolition of concrete structure with demolition robots and long reach machinery equipped with demolition attachments.
  • Segregation and management of CDW and components 

Technical data

  • Demolition of concrete components of the G-2 structures: 2500 m³
  • Weight of the main G-2 metal boiler structures: 1350 t
  • Weight of the main G-2 boiler beams: 275 t
  • Surge tank (cylinder L=18 m and D=4 m): 130 t
  • Surge tank disassembly procedures: 1 unit / 130 t
  • Decking structure disassembly procedures: 6 units / 98 t
  • Façade component disassembly procedures: 12 units / 65 t
  • Mixed main column disassembly procedures: 32.50 t