Sector 3 Preservation of the Aragon Autonomous Network

Conservación de la red autonómica Aragón. Sector 3 de Zaragoza.

Sector 3 Preservation of the Aragon Autonomous Network

The preservation works are intended to achieve optimal roadway and safety conditions on the respective highways, while also performing maintenance works on the various highway components with the appropriate level of quality. Base Network: 133.53 km; Regional Network: 97.38 km; Local Network: 54.44 km; Other unclassified roads: 9.90 km. Total: 295.25 km.

Government of Aragon
June 2016 - May 2018
Type of work:
1,001,336 € (VAT excluded)
Manuel Sáez (Engineer)

The preservation operations will be divided into four groups:

- Group I: Ordinary preventive preservation operations. 

- Group II: Ordinary corrective preservation operations. 

- Group III: Extraordinary preservation operations for improved roadway safety; these works constitute a larger scope and cost than the operations performed in Groups II and I. 

- Group IV: Winter roadway maintenance operations; these include preventive anti-icing treatments (expanded fluxing agent), curative treatments, and removal and clearance of ice and snow. 


Technical data

Execution of preservation operations:  
- Earthworks, cleanup, and demolitions 
- Repair of firm roadways
- Improvements to soft shoulders

- Cleanup, improvement, and repairs to factory works
- Protection or reconstruction of ditches and waterways
- Improvements to shoulders or stabilization of slopes
- Cleanup and adaptation of the environment of the highway    

Provision of means for execution of ordinary preservation operations of the work crews:        
- Provision of personnel
- Leasing of machinery
- Supply of materials