Autonomous Community highway maintenance

Autonomous Community highway maintenance

Performance of a range of maintenance work on roads and sections owned by the autonomous community in the province of Soria.

Junta de Castilla y León
From June 2013 to June 2017
Type of work:

Integrated maintenance.
Road maintenance and winter road maintenance operations: Maintenance and Communications Centre.
Winter road maintenance.
Emergency work on and repair of lighting and traffic light control installations.

Maintenance and repair work on highway components.
Scheduling, monitoring and control work: establishment and updating of inventories.
Status checks; job scheduling; monitoring of execution and obtaining of results.


Technical data


1 Head of Operations.
1 manager.
1 clerical assistant.
1 Auxiliary technician.
8 Category-1 workers.
8 specialist workers.
7 Category-1 workers (winter maintenance period).


1 car.
3 sets of road signs.
1 all-terrain vehicle.
1 post digger.
2 light vans.
1 compressor with jackhammer.
3 multipurpose vans.
3 manual movers.
1 grader.
1 mixed backhoe excavator.
1 12t tipper truck.


4 4x4 trucks.
1 compactor.
1 brine spreader.
1 concrete mixer.
3 snow melt spreaders.
1 sign cleaning unit.
4 snow ploughs.
2 chainsaws.
1 loader.
2 road sign trailers.