Sorigué strengthens its inclusion policies for people with disabilities

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Sorigué strengthens its inclusion policies for people with disabilities

November 4, 2022

The business group renews its Bequal Seal reaching the PLUS level, which certifies the continued improvement of its inclusion policies for people with disabilities. Being awarded this certificate consolidates Sorigué’s work on inclusion and its commitment to social sustainability.

The Sorigué group certified its inclusion policies by being awarded the Bequal PLUS Seal from the Bequal Foundation. This certificate assesses the legal compliance of companies with regard to people with disabilities — e.g. that 2% of jobs in companies with more than 50 employees be reserved for people with disabilities — and the effective integration of inclusive policies in the different areas of a company. 

Sorigué’s commitment to hiring and advancing the careers of people with disabilities is part of its responsible business model. Being awarded the Bequal PLUS Seal shows the group’s commitment to continuing to work towards integration beyond legal requirements, with a 3% share target.  

2019 was the first time Sorigué became Bequal certified, when it was awarded the Standard seal. When renewing this seal in July 2022, the company showed that it had continually improved all the indicators assessed by the seal: strategy and leadership, HR management, accessibility, responsible procurement, customers, social actions and communication. 

Sorigué conducts a variety of internal, staff-wide awareness campaigns. In this sense, a fine example comes from one of the group’s companies, Acsa, Obras e Infraestructuras, which in 2021 directly employed 20 more people with disabilities compared to the previous period.  

Bequal Seal Award Ceremony 

Together Sorigué’s Management and Labour Relations Director, Eloi Baró, and Sorigué’s CEO, Ana Vallés, accepted the Bequal Seal presented by Francisco Vañó Ferre, the Institutional Relations Representative of the Bequal Foundation and José Antonio Martín Rodríguez, Managing Director of the Bequal Foundation, at the event held at Sorigué’s PLANTA project facilities.

Eloi Baró highlighted the group’s commitment to continuing to improve its efforts, initiatives and policies to benefit people with disabilities. Meanwhile, Francisco Vañó expressed Sorigué’s commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities into the job market as one if its main focuses, which it has particularly demonstrated in key areas such as governance, human resources and workplace and facility accessibility. 

The Bequal Certification

The Bequal Certification is a third-party evaluation formula used to determine how committed a company’s core areas are to corporate social responsibility and disability. In addition, organisations awarded the Bequal Certification demonstrate their commitment and contribution to fulfilling the SDGs, specifically SDG 8 on decent work and SDG 10 on reduced inequalities, among others.

The Bequal Foundation, responsible for awarding the certification, is the result of work that has been ongoing since 2011 to design a certifiable systematised model of indicators that brings together all the tradition and experience of its founding entities: the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI), the ONCE Foundation, FEACEM and the Seeliger y Conde Foundation.