Innovative and sustainable solutions for the city, Sorigué's proposal at Smart City Expo 2022

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Innovative and sustainable solutions for the city, Sorigué's proposal at Smart City Expo 2022

November 13, 2022

The business group presents a conference programme that brings together leading voices in the sector to discuss the challenges between administration and business, infrastructure for the cities of the future, resilience solutions for the city, technology for Smart Cities and renewable energies.

Sorigué is taking part for the first time in the Smart City Expo World Congress, which is being held from 15 to 17 November at Fira Barcelona. The business group will present an extensive programme of conferences on its innovative and sustainable solutions for the city.   
The meeting, which brings together the most innovative companies, administrations and organizations, is an opportunity to showcase Sorigué's knowledge and experience in urban services in order to generate new synergies with the sector and move towards a more innovative and sustainable city. 
During the three days of the congress, the group will organize a series of conferences at its stand featuring leading voices from the sector around five thematic axes: Agenda 2030: a shared challenge between the Administration and Business; Resilience solutions for the city; Technology for Smart Cities; Infrastructure for the cities of the future and Renewable energies.    
Some of the themes of the conferences are the intersection of new architecture and ecology, with Daniel Ibáñez, architect and current director of the IAAC; venture capital as a tool for sustainable transformation, with Fernando Casado, investor in ClimateTech; smart urban regeneration, with architects Asunción Rodríguez and Jose Antonio Granero; the ecosystem services of green infrastructure with Oscar Martínez, CEO of Los Árboles Mágicos; and best practices in public procurement, with Francisco Diéguez, director general of the Institute of Construction Technology (ITeC).    
The conferences will take place in three different formats. On the one hand, in the 'Sorigué Conference', a guest expert will speak on a relevant topic within the thematic axes of the programme. Sorigué Talks', on the other hand, will consist of a conversation between three or more Sorigué specialists, in which the solutions provided by the group to the city will be addressed from an informative perspective. Finally, 'Sorigué Dialogues' will feature a dialogue between a Sorigué representative and a guest specialist.   
Open Innovation Challenges of ACCIÓ 
Sorigué participates in the Open Innovation Challenges, within the Brokerage 2022! Smart City Challenges initiative, promoted by ACCIÓ, the agency for business competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The challenge, which will take place at the fair on 16 November from 12.30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m., consists of a matchmaking between public entities and private corporations to promote the contracting of innovation with market solutions for each demand.  
The business group will present four proposals in its main sectors of activity: water cycle, construction, waste and agriculture. Other participants include the Generalitat de Catalunya, Agbar, Gemeente Amsterdad and Chose Paris Region. 

About Smart City Expo World Congress   
Held in Barcelona since 2011, Smart City Expo World Congress is the leading international event on smart cities. By promoting social innovation and identifying opportunities for collaboration, the event aims to empower cities and drive urban innovation around the world.   
This edition will focus on eight themes that address the main issues facing cities: enabling technologies, energy and environment, mobility, governance, living and inclusion, economy, infrastructure and buildings, and safety and security.    
More than 24,000 professionals from over 700 cities and over 400 international speakers are expected to share their vision on how to build a more sustainable and liveable urban future.   
Participating companies include FCC Environment, Microsoft, Abertis, Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Renfe, SEAT, Siemens and TMB. In addition, administrations such as the Madrid City Council, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, the Generalitat de Catalunya and other international administrations will be attending.   


Conference programme 
Tuesday 15th 
11h – 11.25h Sorigué Dialogues: "Renewable energies in Sorigué", by Raúl Blanco and Jorge García, partners of Ecotelia, and moderated by Ignasi Clariana, Energy Director of Sorigué. 
11.30h - 11.55h Sorigué Conference: "Good practices in public procurement", by Francisco Diéguez, director ITeC - Institute of Construction Technology, and presented by Paco Ullod, manager of Constraula. 
12h - 12.25h Sorigué Conference “Mobility initiatives and infrastructures in Madrid”, by Pedro Fernández, head of the Directorate General for Mobility Planning and Infrastructures of the Madrid City Council, and presented by José Lores, director of Sorigué's Central Area Services. 
12.30h - 12.55h Sorigué Conference: "Designing tomorrow", by Carlos Barrabés, president of the Barrabés Group, and presented by Anna Garcia, director of Communication Sorigué. 
13h - 13.30h Sorigué Talks: “In search of more sustainable city services", by Francesc Faus, manager of Green Infrastructure at Sorigué; Andreu Iglesias, delegate of Water Engineering at Sorigué and Xavier Garcia del Rio, director of Waste Management at Sorigué, and moderated by Sol Ortega, responsible for External Communication at Sorigué. 
16h - 16.25h Sorigué Talks: “The Sorigué innovation model", by Beatriz Corzo, R&D&I project manager; Nigel Bax, R&D&I project coordinator and Joan Pons, director of Innovation, and moderated by Bet Garriga, responsible for Internal Communication at Sorigué. 
17h - 17.25h Sorigué Conference “New architecture and its intersection with ecology”, by Daniel Ibáñez, architect and director of IAAC - Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, and presented by Anna Garcia, director of Communication Sorigué. 
Wednesday 16th 
11h - 11.25h Sorigué Dialogues: "Technology in the use of parks: the new game in the city", by Francesc Recasens, director of STRENGTHS and Susana Martínez, head of Green Infrastructure Production at Sorigué, and moderated by Dolores Caballero, head of Green Infrastructure Production at Sorigué. 
11.30h - 11.55h Sorigué Conference: "Venture Capital as a tool for sustainable transformation", by Fernando Casado, investor in ClimateTech. Co-Founder and General Partner of the ClimateTech Fund Inclimo, and presented by Alex Pardo, director of Corporate Services and Venture Capital at Sorigué. 
12h - 12.25h Sorigué Conference: "The urban agenda of Madrid", by Asunción Rodríguez and Francisco Burgos, architects specialising in urban planning, and presented by José Ramón Serradilla, head of contracting for the South Central area of Sorigué. 
12.30h - 12.55h Sorigué Conference: "Vertipuertos: the future of urban mobility", by Andoni Arrizabalaga, associate director of Luis Vidal Arquitectos, and presented by José Lores, director of Sorigué's Central Area Services. 
13h - 13.30h Sorigué Talks: “Sustainable pavements", by Agustina Etcheverry, technical studies of Constraula; Santi Sirvent, commercial manager of Materials and Rosa Pérez, head of Prefabricated Products of Sorigué, and moderated by Sol Ortega, responsible for External Communication at Sorigué. 
16h - 16.25h Sorigué Dialogues: "Biogas, present and future of renewable energies", by Jacobo Canseco, head of Green Energy at AXPO, and moderated by Joan Pons, director of Innovation at Sorigué. 
16.30h - 16.55h Sorigué Conference: “Energy communities", by Luis García, from DS Consultores, and presented by Ignasi Clariana, director of Energy at Sorigué. 
Jueves, 17 
11.30h - 11.55h Sorigué Conference: “Ecosystem services of green infrastructure", by Oscar Martínez, agricultural engineer and CEO of Los Árboles Mágicos, and presented by Dolores Caballero, head of Green Infrastructure Production at Sorigué. 
12.30h - 12.55h Sorigué Conference: "The present of wood construction", by Josep Maria Fabregat Estragues, architect at Fabregat & Fabregat, and presented by Xavier Llopis, head of Production at Constraula. 
13h - 13.30h Sorigué Talks: "Sorigué Technology at the service of the city", by Sergi Roca, head of Studies, Maintenance and Projects at Sorigué; Anna Leal, head of Road Maintenance at Sorigué; Eva Martínez, Constraula Studies technician and Juan Francisco Sierra, director of Information Systems at Sorigué, and moderated by Sol Ortega, responsible for External Communication at Sorigué.