The Constraula company from the Sorigué group presents a new identity

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The Constraula company from the Sorigué group presents a new identity

November 27, 2018

The company, specialized in urban and facility maintenance, has put a new logo and complete visual system in place that update the brand and bring to light its new transformative character.

Barcelona, November 27, 2018. – The Sorigué company, Constraula, which specializes in urban maintenance and facility management, has renewed its image with a more modern identity, in accordance with its vision of the future. The company, with strong roots in Barcelona, is in the middle of developing the business. Its growth and strategic vision required a new visual system that updated and modernized the brand and adapted itself to market requirements.
The development of this new identity is part of the Sorigué Strategic Plan, which looks to ensure the sustainable growth of the business group by improving its client services in an effort to increase the efficiency of the business and to strengthen it in the areas in which it works. In this case, the Constraula agreement with Barcelona is evident in the company’s new facilities, which are currently under construction in the Besòs industrial zone, Sant Andreu District, and will be operational next June.
New identity
Constraula has determined its new brand identity thanks to the branding company Summa. The Constraula brand’s distinguishing values are synthesized into its new logo, the composition of which is based on a constantly moving letter ‘o’, in this way reflecting the company’s desire for renovation, evolution and continuous progress.

Regarding color, black has been chosen, which alludes to Constraula’s experience, as well as strength, serenity and prestige, values that convey confidence and security to its clients. It has also chosen to use neon green, in reference to the fluorescent colors used in the urban maintenance sector for sign posts. It is also a digital and innovative color that transmits energy and indicates the company’s sustainable desire.

A visual system based on this concept has been developed which has been copied onto many mediums and company assets such as the transport fleet, uniforms and stationary. The use of the ‘o’ and its different graphic declinations is linked with Constraula’s transformative and revolutionary spirit.
Summa, with more than 29 years of experience, is the first Spanish company to specialize in brand creation and management. With a team of 83 people at its offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon, it develops projects in different countries in Europe and Latin America.
About Constraula
Constraula is a company with 30 years of experience that develops its activities in the area of construction and urban services. Its work is centered on three lines of business: urban and public road maintenance; building and facility maintenance; and civil urban works, which includes integral urbanization of streets, gardens, parks and plazas among other public spaces. This field of work is focused on the province of Barcelona. The company was incorporated into Sorigué in 2016.