At BBConstrumat, Sorigué will bring together a group of experts to discuss innovation

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At BBConstrumat, Sorigué will bring together a group of experts to discuss innovation

May 23, 2017

The company returns again this year to the Salón Barcelona Building Construmat trade show, where it will again act as a global partner and offer its own series of presentations.

 Barcelona, 23 May – The Sorigué business group, a leader in construction, materials, urban and industrial services, and water engineering and technology, will once again participate in this year’s trade show with a 125 m2 booth located in the center of pavilion 2 of the Gran Via de Fira Barcelona hall, where it will present its latest developments. 
The group, led by Ana Vallés, who this year will also debut as President of the Barcelona Building Construmat Organizing Committee, has organized its own series of presentations, to be given over the four-day course of the fair under the direction of outside contributors and professionals from its own group. The series, dealing with industry challenges, is organized into three blocks: the future, energy and Big Data.
On offer at this forum will be not only the vision of experts, but also specific knowledge developed by Sorigué in connection with the subjects to be dealt with. The purpose of the program is to exchange knowledge, develop talent, and share the tools that are now being implemented throughout our industry.

Sorigué’s strategic approaches
The group led by Ana Vallés has undertaken – as part of the human resources component of its current Strategic Plan, to identify and retain talent both within and outside its group and to implement a competency management system involving Personal Action Plans to be applied in stages to the organization’s entire team.
Within the framework of the company’s positioning and return policy, the company, headquartered in the city of Lleida, created a Department of Corporate Responsibility in 2016, charged with ensuring the sustainable growth of Sorigué, and has established, among other measures, the organization’s first Code of Ethics.