Maintenance of wells for the extraction of underground water

Mantenimiento de grupos electrobombas y elementos hidráulicos en pozos

Maintenance of wells for the extraction of underground water

Canal Isabel II
January 2015 - December 2019
Type of service:
Maintenance and operation of plants and facilities
704.000,00 €

Preventative, corrective, and regulatory maintenance of electric pumps and hydraulic components installed in wells connected with the Dams and Wells Operations Area required by Canal de Isabel II Gestión, S.A. in the well field at Canal Bajo, Santillana, Canal Alto, Goloso, Fuencarral, Canal del Oeste, Plantío, Majadahonda, Guadarrama, Fuencarral, Torrelaguna, Cadalso de los Vidrios, Villaviciosa de Odón and Batres.

Submersible electric pump groups.
-Monitoring of: flow, operating hours, start-ups, dynamic level, motor temperature and isolation, turbidity of water extracted, energy consumption and electrical parameters, drive-related noise and vibration. 
-Repair of gaps between impeller necks and locking rings, as well as those found in radial bearings, sleeves, and shafts. Cleaning, disassembly and repair of components of diffusers, impellers, intake grille and pump body.

-Disassembly and cleaning of the motor housing and stator.
-Replacement of seal faces and O-rings on metal closures. Windings, connections, and wiring: measure insulation of windings and re-spools.
-Testing of squirrel cage and balancing.
Shared chamber group.
-Repair of worn rotary parts and locking rings.
-Cleaning and lubrication of bearings.
-Measurement of suction and discharge pressure to test water-tightness of pipelines. 


Technical data

Equipment affected

Mechanical and electromechanical equipment:
- Submersible electrical pump group.
- Split chamber electrical pump group.
- Compressors.
- Bilge pumps.

Maneuvering, control, and regulation components:
- Butterfly, gate, pressure regulation, and check valves.
- Relief valves.
- Sampling cut-off valve.

Pipes, joints, and accessories
- Ductile cast iron pipe, 150 and 300 mm in diameter.
- Hot-galvanized steel pipe, joined with PN 64 reduced flanges and special U-203-95 polyurethane-based gaskets.
- 3 mm stainless steel piezometric pipe.

Accessories and special parts
-Elbows, T-joints, flanges, reduction cones, splices, and dismantling joints (PN 25).

-Level meters: piezoresistive and capacitive.
-Flow meters: electromagnetic flow meter.
-Pressure meters: pressure transducer and pressure gauges.
- Temperature meters: PT-100 temperature transducer
- Turbidity meters: Turbidity transducer.

Pressure damping equipment:
- Hydropneumatic anti-water hammer surge tank
- Mechanical anti-water hammer system.