Maintenance of Canal Isabel II automation area

área de automatización Canal Isabel II

Maintenance of Canal Isabel II automation area

Canal de Isabel II
June 2015 - December 2016
Type of service:
Maintenance and operation of plants and facilities
731,500 € (excluding VAT)

The Automation Management Area of Canal Isabel II offers a cross-sectional service to different facilities and areas in the company, having to do with potable water, sanitation or regeneration in Potable Water Treatment Stations, Waste Water Treatment Stations, lifts, tanks, wells, dams, or conduits. As part of this service contract, we offer our clients two types of service: mechanical work on the associated civil works, as well as electrical or control programming and installation.

This latter service combines activities related to PLC programming and troubleshooting relating to telecommunications and electrical facilities, with actions focused on remedying deficiencies in auxiliary components such as closets, utility boxes, enclosures, posts, covers, energy sources, conduits, and others. 

The scope of application of the contract is very broad, both geographically and in terms of the variety of facilities where it is carried out, namely, in virtually all facilities connected with the water cycle at Canal de Isabel II - Management. The service is provided by a consortium consisting of ACSA, Obras e Infraestructuras, S.A.U., and SINAP, Proyectos y Desarrollos, S.L. 


Technical data

Services to be performed
PLC programming.
Electrical and telecommunications installations.
Civil and mechanical works.

Indirect resources 
1 Telecommunications engineer specializing in WINCC programming.
1 Road, canal, and port engineer. 
1 administrative officer for the management of incidents, work reports, and purchasing.

Direct resources
4 programmers
2 electrical officers.
2 civil works and hydraulic works officers
1 locksmith officer.
Auxiliary resources and supplies based on needs and availability in warehouse.