Rotary drum filter

Rotary drum filter

A filter based on a rotating drum and suitable for water without excessive waste content.

Sieving is carried out using filtering panels and cleaning is carried out with pressurised water.

Suitable for large flow rates that do not see significant changes in level.

Its filter meshes range from 0.25 mm to 10 mm.



The sieves and filters can have a carbon steel frame. 

This is blasted with metal particles to a Swedish Standards Organisation SA 2 1/2 grade, and then given three coats of corrosion-resistant paint.

The filter panels are made of stainless steel.


Technical data

Drive unit

The filter screen is driven by a geared motor, whose dual chain transmission drives two toothed gears welded to the screen drive wheels.

Geared motor with parallel shafts featuring a three-phase asynchronous electric motor with IP-55 protection.

The entire assembly is mounted on a bed anchored to the building works and opened with the protective housing’s mechanism-driven cover.

Panel washing system

This is carried out by means of pressurised water sent through flat spray nozzles. The nozzles are located at the top of the machine and inside it.


Comprises a steel section structure anchored to the building works. The side sections act as guides, along which the continuous chain rollers turn.

Side seal

This is guaranteed using rubber profiles attached to the panels, which slide over steel sections anchored to the building work.

Filter panels

The filter fabric is attached to the frames with steel sections. The frames are joined to the transport chain in an articulated arrangement, with special profile rubber gaskets to ensure the seal between panels and the waste collection blades.

Waste collection hopper

Made of steel plate with the right section and correctly oriented in the direction of the water jet.

It features a collection chute through which water can circulate to help with waste removal.