Underwater work at Valmayor Reservoir

Underwater work at Valmayor Reservoir

April 2012
Type of service:
Underwater work
Reservoirs and dams

Preparation in the bottom drainage area. Cutting of existing grille. Installation and anchoring of counterbalanced shield in Inlet 1 and caulking work. Installation and anchoring of counterbalanced shield in Inlet 2 and caulking work. Removal of shield and installation of protection grille.

An initial inspection was performed with the ROV (remote operated vehicle) to establish the state of the drains. For the installation works, we used a large pontoon to be able to carry out the cutting, installation and caulking of the counterbalanced shield.

Lastly, once the internal work on the reservoir was complete, the shield was removed and the protection grille replaced.


Technical data

Preliminary underwater inspection

Inspection with ROV.

Working depth

-43 m.

Hatch system

Counterbalanced shield with neutral buoyancy, seal with music note-type gasket, with taps to counterbalance buoyancy.

Divers’ equipment

Full face helmet with closed circuit camera and surface air supply with inbuilt filtering.

Working platform

60-m² modular pontoon for working in inaccessible areas. All assembly work was carried out on the modular pontoon, which was moved to the area above the bottom inlets with a boat.