Furniture for 24x7 control centres

Furniture for 24x7 control centres

Technical description of the operating furniture for 24x7 control centres.

Design of the control console is performed using sheet steel of 2 mm thick for the actual structural part, steel of 15 mm for the reference part to the support feet and compact high density 18 mm thick, both for the work surface as well as the surface enabled for the monitor system.

The tooling process used is laser cutting, folding, welding and furnace painting for steel elements, and cutting by tooling centre, polishing and application of protective oil for the high density compact elements.

The console has a space enabled to perform the power connections, data, telephone, etc... of the elements that need this and the auxiliary elements that comprise the control system.
These elements are located within the interior zone of the central structure and integrated in the office computing elements manufactured according to the needs.

Including a folding door on the front part of the console as well as a parallel access from the top part of the work area, allowing easy access to that space to be able to perform the maintenance tasks, even with the console in operating state. 

It has access from the top part of the console manufactured by tooling on the actual compact and includes a folding door that allows all the cables to be led from the top of the console to the interior part in an orderly manner, achieving semi-hidden organisation thereof. 

The full console integrates an office computing element at user level in the top part of the work area for the operator to comfortably be able to perform punctual connections. 

Likewise, the side feet of the console have an internal space that allows passage of all the necessary electric cables in a hidden, orderly manner, that allow access to their interior by means of integrated, easily handled side doors.  

The work space includes the space actually for use by the operator and at the same time the location of the viewing monitors. These monitors rest on ergonomic, multi-position arms, fixed to the rear surface, that surface resting on the actual structure of the console, thus providing the necessary stability to be able to house any kind of configuration. At the same time, it includes tooling on the actual compact and support that exercises a guiding function, allowing positioning the monitor as needed, and thus be flexible to possible extensions. 

The console has an adjustable version designed to be able to include a height regulation system by means of two synchronised lifting columns, that through an electric activation motor, allow displacement of the working surface and the area assigned to rest the monitors on in vertical direction. The system has a control enabled on the bottom of the work area and easy operator access for handling. 

The console may have the corporate anagram requested placed on the actual exterior side panels by vinyl adhesive, or integrating a back-lighting system, that shall provide aesthetic functions to the set. 

The console design has been performed complying with the main present standards of ergonomics. 
Spanish standard UNE-EN 527-1 (December 2011) on office furniture, work tables and desks.
Spanish standard UNE-EN ISO 11064-4 (February 2005) ergonomic design of control and distribution centres and sizes of the work stations.
Spanish standard UNE-EN ISO 9241-5 (September 1999) ergonomic requisites for office work with data viewing screens (PVD), conception of the work post and postural demands.

Likewise, the actual elements that configure the console, as well as all the accessories and complements that form or may form part thereof fulfil all the international level quality regulations and certificates.