Control centre 24/7

Control centre 24/7

24/7 control centre technical description.

A control centre is a space enabled within a company or building under the charge of the operator or group of operators that have the function of maintaining a constant link, coordination, supervision and control, either by management system, a production process, a maintenance process or surveillance process, intrusion and access.

The range of spaces where it is necessary to have a control centre is very diverse, from the emergency contract centres, traffic systems (airports, roads, metropolitan transport, etc. ...), Drinking water treatment stations (DWTPs), Waste water treatment stations (WWTPs), nuclear centres, thermal plants, desalination plants and any critical operation control environment where management of the operations may be required to be carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Definitively, a control centre is a space that requires there to be control over all the equipment work is being performed on and any working environment may be sufficiently flexible to be able to bear a constant workload and also be prepared for any need for technological or structural changes in the future. 

The control centres must have adequate installations and must have the necessary resources for the operators to be able to view the information and control any incident or situation that may take place.