Sorigué undertakes the structural maintenance of the Port of Barcelona

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Sorigué undertakes the structural maintenance of the Port of Barcelona

January 28, 2022

The two-year contract can be extended to up to five years and includes the conservation of the mooring lines, pavements, service networks and buildings.

The civil works and axillary maintenance works throughout the Port of Barcelona will be the responsibility of the consortium formed by the companies Sorigué Acsa Conservación de Infraestructuras and Copisa Constructora Pirenaica. With a maximum annual amount of 1.9 million euros, this contract, awarded by the Board of Directors of the Port of Barcelona, has an initial duration of two years with a two-year extension and an additional period of one year, up to a maximum of five years, for a total estimated value of 9.5 million euros.

With the main aim of conserving infrastructures to allow port operations and facilitate the normal activities of the site, this contract covers four broad areas: mooring lines; roads, pavements and public spaces; service networks; and buildings. 

Type of work

With regard to the mooring lines, the work envisaged includes the repair of the main structure, maintenance, replacement or installation of new mooring and defence equipment, as well as the replacement of the numbering of modules. In addition, preventative and corrective maintenance will be carried out on auxiliary elements of the dock.

In terms of roads, pavements and public spaces, the consortium undertakes to perform any paving or asphalt reinforcement works, replacement and installation of road signs and furniture and the construction of external enclosures. The contract also includes maintenance, modification and extension tasks for the water, electricity, lighting, sewerage and communications networks.

Another major aspect of this contract relates to the buildings, which will have specialised personnel for maintenance work such as painting, partitioning, tiling, plumbing and refurbishing of rooms, etc.

Lastly, auxiliary support tasks for the Port Authority, collaboration in the removal of damaged vehicles and the clearing of the road after an accident, are also included in this contract.