Sorigué builds the new loading and transportation terminal for salt at the Barcelona Port

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Sorigué builds the new loading and transportation terminal for salt at the Barcelona Port

March 21, 2018

The new terminal for the multinational company ICL will cover a developed area of 35,000 m2 and will be built over a period of 19 months starting this March.

The temporary business association made up of Sorigué company Acsa, Obras e Infraestructuras, SAU, and the company Dragados has been awarded the construction of the new loading and transportation terminal for salt by Tráfico Mercancías, an affiliate of the multinational company ICL, at the Barcelona Port.

Construction begins on the project, which costs over 46 million Euros, this March. The new terminal will allow ICL to improve the distribution of minerals extracted from its salt and potash mines. These minerals are in high demand in the global chemical industry.

The project will enable the distribution of material from the Álvarez de la Campa dock at the Barcelona Port to large ships, as well as trains and high-capacity trucks.

The new facilities will occupy a developed outdoor space covering some 35,000 m2. The loading and unloading terminal will consist of 2 hangars with a mixed concrete-steel rectangular structure, measuring 240 m x 50 m and 150 m x 59 m respectively, to store potash and vacuum salt. The project also incorporates an outdoor storage area for de-icing salts. 

The project will also consist of an unloading terminal for trucks (with a capacity of 300 Mt/h capacity) an unloading terminal for trains (with a capacity of 7,500 Mt/day), a parking area for trucks, an office building, and track-bed platforms to allow trains to enter and maneuver around the terminal.

In addition, two port cranes will be installed on the dock to load large vessels.

Finally, the project envisions the installation of the entire circuit of covered transport belts over a metal structure, as well as chutes and sifting equipment for the salt.

More information: commercial data sheet for the project