Sorigué renews the urban green infrastructure maintenance contract for Parla

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Sorigué renews the urban green infrastructure maintenance contract for Parla

November 4, 2021

The service awarded to the Sorigué group includes maintaining the urban green areas, parks and gardens for the city’s lots 2 and 3. The contract covers a total surface area of over one million square metres with over 100 staff.

This Thursday, 3 November, the Municipal Council of Parla submitted the renewal contract for managing the urban green infrastructure of its lots 2 and 3. The new contract, which started on 1 August, was awarded to the Sorigué group’s company Ambitec for a four-year term (with the option of a one-year extension), and includes a workforce of 103 employees. 
The service covers servicing and maintaining the urban green infrastructure of the lots stated above, which includes parks, gardens, street trees and other landscaping, along with trees on school, educational centre and municipal building property, for a surface area of 729,788 m2 in lot 2, and 372,781 m2 in lot 3.
The contract being renewed represents a change in the service’s description. Adding green infrastructure demonstrates the desire to include a new framework of thinking about these areas, in a search for a more resilient city with added ecological functionality. In this sense, the company will gradually work towards the naturalisation of green areas, given the degree to which the public are in favour of this. 
The main maintenance tasks of the service are: clean-up and weeding, upkeep of the grass, plant health maintenance, conservation of dog areas and irrigation facilities, tree management, tree fall risk assessments, pruning of trees, tree pit maintenance, and many more.
The new measures in the contract include replacing street trees with more appropriate species for better urban biodiversity and CO2 sequestration in order to mitigate the impact of climate change on the city.

Sorigué in Madrid
Through its company Ambitec, Sorigué has a decade of experience handling maintenance for Parla’s green areas and street trees. 
In addition, the group has been operating in Madrid for over three decades, where it is heavily involved in urban services, construction and the water cycle. 
Through its company Ambitec, it designs, plans and carries out green infrastructure, gardening and landscaping projects, and provides specialised maintenance and regeneration services for green and garden areas. It also provides specialised arboriculture and environmental remedial services.
The group operates throughout virtually all of Spain, with main offices in Madrid, Lleida and Barcelona, as well as branches and production centres across Spain.