Via Verde cobblestones

Via Verde cobblestones

The future is built step by step from the strongest foundations in the present.

Material location:
Sant Andreu de la Barca
Via Verde

We offer the widest range of state-of-the-art paving on the market. Our models, colours and finishes combine to provide highly exclusive designs in the most emblematic spaces.

Paving specially designed to provide the advantages of natural grass while also avoiding the drawbacks: excessive moisture, high maintenance cost, possible ruts, raised areas and deterioration. The design allows rainwater to filter through to the subsoil and naturally refill aquifers and reservoirs. Vía Verde is the most highly valued outdoor paving for protecting the environment and promoting sustainability in the water supply.

The filtered water can be used for the irrigation of nearby trees and garden zones. Their carefully designed geometry makes them easy to place and prevents dislodging, while also withstanding light traffic. Joint should be completely filled with sandy soil containing organic material to favour grass growth.



Square Vía Verde:

20 x 20 x8 cm

Rectangular Vía Verde:

428 x 14 x8 cm