Sorigué has the knowledge, team, infrastructure and specialist machinery to build tunnels made with tunnel boring machines and clad with precast concrete segments.

Material location:

The company has been building segments for 20 years and has been producing over 600,000 pieces. 

Production system: The segments are manufactured on a production line using mobile moulds, which move along an automated carrousel with highly specialised operators at fixed work stations.

Environmental sustainability of the process: The company uses an electrical regeneration process: it uses steam generated in drying the segments to produce energy. In addition, it reuses water through a recirculation process during the cleaning of the moulds and manufacturing plants.



One segments manufacturing plant with a production capacity for 1,000 tonnes of precast concrete a day.

6,000 m2 of material warehouse space.

Surface area of 40,000 m2 to stocking the manufactured product.

Conveyor production system.

6 gantries with 50-tonne overhead cranes.

Automated concrete manufacturing plant with mixer.

Gas boiler for generating steam used in accelerated curing.