San Salvador reservoir

San Salvador reservoir

Supply of 5 km of large-diameter concrete pipelines as part of the reservoir supply works. This pipeline carried water by gravity from the side damn built in the Zaidín Canal, upstream from the Esplús irrigation canal supply pipeline to the reservoir. Owner: ACUAES (Aguas de las Cuencas de España, S.A.)Engineering: PROINTEC.

San Salvador damn joint-venture (Acciona and Vialex)
From 2013 to 2014
Type of work:

San Salvador is a reservoir at the top of the La Clamor Valley in Huesca with a capacity of 123 hm3, built to modernise the 105,000-hectare irrigation zone of the Aragón y Cataluña Canal.

The design criteria for installing the pipeline aimed to maximise the volume that could be conveyed by gravity. The lack of slope required careful pre-casting to minimise friction of the water. The work facilitated a capacity of up to 75 hm3 by gravity through the Esplús irrigation canal. Part of the route used a pipe jacking system.


Technical data

HA 2500 pipes: 5.000 ML

HINCA 2500 pipes: 100 ML

Supply of different special precast parts (enlargements, manholes and bends).