Integrated waste management of Ematsa's facilities in Tarragona

Integrated waste management of Ematsa's facilities in Tarragona

The service consists of the removal, transport and final destination of waste generated in the facilities managed by Ematsa. Most of these are wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).

Empresa Municipal Mixta d’Aigües de Tarragona, S.A. (Ematsa)
1 year (+1 )
Type of service:
Water treatment infrastructures
€240,000 per year (not including VAT)
The waste generated at the facilities managed by Ematsa is stored, removed and taken to its final destination at the recycling, treatment or disposal plants authorised by the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC).
The service also includes the temporary storage of the waste at Ematsa's facilities inside the appropriate and duly identified containers until the request for its removal.
Once the customer has given notice, the material is collected and transported using different procedures: emptying or changing containers, direct loading onto the tanker and collection of drums or containers of hazardous liquids.
Since the integrated management of the water cycle is irregular in terms of waste generation, a 24 hours a day 365 days a year emergency service is also included in this contract.

Technical data

Start of the service: March 2020
Duration of the service: 1 year
Annual cost: €240,000 per year

Tarragona WWTP: Camí de la Platja de Riu Clar, no number (inside the port), Tarragona.
Tarragona North WWTP: Camí del Catllar i Mas Jové, no number, Tarragona.
Renau WWTP: Plaça de la Creueta, no number, Renau.
La Mina P II and Pou Miró II DWTP: Carretera N-204, Km. 3 (towards Valls), Tarragona.
Head office: Muntanyeta de Sant Pere i Sant Pau, no number, Tarragona.
Depósito de Bonavista: Camí de La Partió, no number, Bonavista.
La Pobla de Mafumet WWTP: Carrer Afores Polígono Repsol Petroquímica, no number, La Pobla de Mafumet.
La Secuita WWTP: Carretera de Perafort, no number, La Secuita.


Service resources
Human resources:
5 drivers
2 service operators
1 service technician
Material resources:
2 hooklift trucks
2 chain lorries
2 dumper trucks
1 tanker
1 adapted van
5 and 12 m³ metal mesh containers
5, 7 and 12 m³ metal containers
20 m³ metal boxes
7 m³ metal containers with lids
Drums, pallets, big bags and other containers
Waste collected
Municipal waste
Paper and cardboard
Laboratory-generated waste
Hazardous waste
Electrical and electronic equipment
Rubble and construction waste
Plant waste