Collection of fiber cement with asbestos in the city of Barcelona

Collection of fiber cement with asbestos in the city of Barcelona

Selective service for the collection of fiber cement with asbestos abandoned in Barcelona city streets.

TERSA, Tractament i Selecció de Residus, S.A.
September 2012 - present
Type of service:
Urban utilities
54,000 €/year (excluding VAT)

When fiber cement with asbestos is broken, worn down, or handled improperly, it represents a health hazard. Asbestos fibers can break free and remain suspended in the air. When breathed, they enter the lungs and, over a period years, can cause several serious illnesses.

If material containing asbestos is found abandoned, government bodies must contact a company authorized to carry out the removal process.

The City Government of Barcelona, acting through TERSA (a city-owned company), has implemented an action protocol whereby a report is sent by email and/or fax to our company to remove the material.


Nordvert S.L, a Sorigué company, is authorized and has the resources required to remove and manage fiber cement containing asbestos.  It is registered in the Asbestos Risk Company Registry (RERA), which is required for companies that carry out activities or operations in which their personnel is exposed directly or indirectly to asbestos or to materials containing it.

Once the service has been carried out with personnel, resources, and tools that are suitable for handling and transporting fiber cement, Nordvert informs the City Government of Barcelona that the collection work has been completed and the materials properly managed.



Technical data

Scope of service
- Waste type:
Fiber cement with asbestos.
-Amount of waste: 
4 tons/year.
-Number of services:
50 services/year.
-Service Type:
For a normal collection, response time is less than 24 hours.
For an urgent collection, response time is less than 12 hours.

Human resources
- 1 driver-operator.
- 1 operator.
Personnel requirements:
- Specific training (RERA).
- Preventative resource.


Material resources
Vehicle requirements:
-Vehicle fitted out to transport fiber cement.
Equipment and tools:
-Vacuum cleaner with high-efficiency filter, waste container for disposable PPE, container for PPE to be decontaminated, adhesive tape, adapted big bags, small tools, PPE, etc.