CLD waste recovery plant in Barberà del Vallès

CLD waste recovery plant in Barberà del Vallès

Waste recovery plant with an automated triage line in Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona.

Type of service:
Upcycling management
The facility has a modern, innovative and automated waste separation process that enables the separation of waste, with special emphasis on the recovery of materials and their subsequent conversion into raw materials.

Designed to process mixed non-hazardous wast, the sorting line installed enables the separation of recoverable materials contained in the waste by means of different equipment: screens, triage cabin, densimeter, optics, electromagnets and inductive separator.

The combined action of these machines allows us to recover a substantial amount of recoverable material from the input waste which, depending on the composition, can vary between 40 and 60%.

The plant is also equipped to recover waste from commercial sources that still contains some waste from the organic category.

Another notable feature is its low energy cost, as a 600 square metre solar roof has been installed, which will reduce grid electricity consumption by 20%. 


Technical data


Carretera Mollet-Sabadell km. 1. Molí d’en Gall industrial estate, Barberà del Vallès.


Total: 81,100 t/year
Mixed waste for sorting: 36,000 t/year
Non-hazardous waste for transfer: 40,000 t/year
Non-polluting industrial and municipal packaging: 5,000 t/year
Hazardous waste (small quantities for storage and transfer): 100 t/year

Recycling processes

Bag shredder/opener, metal feeder, snail screen, vibrating screen, densimetric separator, suction separator, optical separator, magnetic separator, inductive separator, material silos and bailing press.

Uses of processed waste

The waste is turned into raw material: Paper and cardboard, plastics of different types (PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, PS, PVC, etc.), aluminium, ferrous metals, wood, glass, textiles, etc.