Waste collection and street cleaning in Pallejà

Waste collection and street cleaning in Pallejà

The service includes the collection of household and commercial waste, the pick-up of bulk waste and street cleaning in the town of Pallejà (Baix Llobregat). Dual-sided containers are used in the town centre, while a door-to-door service is provided at the Fontpineda housing development. In commercial areas, organic, paper and cardboard waste is collected, and there is an arranged pick-up service for bulk waste.

Pallejà Municipal Council
2 years with a possible 3-year extension
Type of service:
Urban utilities
€1,389,291 per year (including VAT)
The town of Pallejà in Baix Llobregat has two distinct areas: the town centre and the Fontpineda housing development, located three kilometres from the centre.

The collection of the five categories of waste from the underground and above ground containers is carried out by side-loading collectors. In the case of Fontpineda, due to the characteristics of the homes, door-to-door collection is required for organic waste category. Bulk waste, on the other hand, is collected upon prior arrangement twice a week in the town centre and once a week in Fontpineda. 

In terms of commercial waste, organic, paper and cardboard waste is collected.
Street cleaning in the town centre involves the services of a suction sweeper and a light electric vehicle, as well as the work of operatives who carry out manual sweeping. In Fontpineda, a broom sweeper and a light vehicle is used to carry out the cleaning.

Technical data

General information
11,348 inhabitants
Duration of the service:
2 years + 3-year extension
Number of containers:
50 underground
497 above ground
Human resources
Waste collection and cleaning personnel:
Drivers and operatives, depending on the service.
Total number of workers:
4 drivers
2 collection operatives
2 specialist operatives
2 machine operators
5 manual cleaning operatives
1 supervisor
Material resources  Street cleaning vehicles:
One Dulevo 6000 sweeper, one Ravo series 5 sweeper and one light electric vehicle.
Collection vehicles:
Two side-loading collectors, one rear-loading dual-compartment collector and one open-top vehicle and crane. 
Additional vehicles
One inspection vehicle, one light vehicle and one container washing unit.