Operating technical furniture 24x7

Operating technical furniture 24x7

Technical operating furniture for the Celeo Redes Control Centre in Santiago de Chile.

Aplein Ingenieros, S.A.
December 2014
Type of service:
Control Centres

Operating technical furniture for the Celeo Redes Control Centre in Santiago de Chile.

Design, manufacture and supply by technical operating furniture for the Celeo Redes, S.L. Control Centre in Santiago de Chile.

Technical operating furniture 24x7 with capacity for 2 operators, with carbon steel structure, S235JR paint stripping of 2, 3 and 10 mm in thickness. 

Compact high pressure decorative phenol laminate (HPL), comprised of layers of Kraft paper impregnated with thermostable phenol resins, and attached by application of heat and specific pressure.  

Ergonomic chairs.

Structure and aluminium base. Injected foam seat and polyester upholstery. Back and headrest of transpirable flexible mesh. Armrests with polypropylene lining. Gyrating double wheels made of black polyamide.


Technical data

Control furniture 24x7

Furniture supply for two operators with height regulation system by synchronised high adjustment columns with an electric activated motor and control furniture for supervisor.


Made of steel for the structural part of the furniture and by high density compact phenol for work surface.

Includes a perimeter illumination system for safety, and personalised lateral one with backlighted corporate anagram.

Ergonomic complements 

Supply of support and ergonomic arms for three monitors per operating post. Office computing element for user and ergonomic chairs certified for continuous use.