Monitors for viewing systems

Monitors for viewing systems

Technical description of monitor stand system for viewing systems.

The design of the monitor support is performed using extruded, anodized aluminium profiles for the main structure, carbon steel for the actual fixing pieces and high density compact phenolic material 8 mm thick for the bottom space.

The tooling process used is cutting at a tooling centre with aluminium elements and laser cutting, folding, welding and furnace painting for steel elements, and tooling centre cutting, polishing and application of protective oil for compact phenolic. 

The monitor stand may be configured in any size, depending on the layout or type of viewing monitors they are to hold. 

The particular feature of the rest design is that the aluminium profiles are joined by non-machined techniques, which allow a feasible system that may easily be disassembled.

The stand has a space provided to make power connections for the actual screens. These elements are located in the back area of the central structure and integrated within office computing elements. It shall also have a channel to locate and channel all the possible cabling in a tidy way. 

At the bottom of the rest, there is a space enabled to bear the corporate anagram, that shall be machined on compact phenolic material, with a white opal Perspex being set into this space. The anagram includes a subsequent back-lighting system, providing an aesthetic function to the set.