Closed compartment for computer systems

Closed compartment for computer systems

Technical description of the closed compartment for computer systems.

The design of the closed compartment is performed using sheet steel of 2 and 3 mm thick, and anodized aluminium profile.

It has a folding front door with tempered glass with “smoked” finish of 5 mm and rear door of steel of 3 mm, micro-perforated, performing aesthetic functions, but at the same time ventilation of the equipment located within them. 

The tooling process used is laser cutting, folding, welding and furnace painting for steel elements, and cutting by tooling centre for aluminium elements. 

The compartment has a space enabled to perform the power connections to the equipment requiring such. These elements are located within the interior area of the compartment, located in an office computing element.

It includes steel profiles at the front and back to fit elements and accessories in any format compatible with 19 " and standard " U " type format.

The compartments may be configured for any height and depth, offering great versatility to include equipment as well as being able to form linear configurations for accessory desks, printers and documentation and that may be integrated within the actual control furniture.

They may also include wheel systems to be able to transform them into mobile compartments.