ATOM Ergonomic chair

ATOM Ergonomic chair

Technical description of the ATOM ergonomic chair.

The silhouette of the Atom reflects a combination between the aesthetic and technical, that makes this chair a perfect option for areas where the image acquires a special range. Its design is conceived to provide that singular touch with some inspiring finishes for work and striking curved lines.

The Atom chair has two versions of multifunctional swivel chairs, both versions being high back, emphasising the lumbar support curve. 

One of them includes an elegant headpiece to assure a correct cervical support. The two chairs adapt perfectly to any technical and management environment.  

The perimeter frame of the back acts as a support to the actual back, that is a fine and elegant mesh that provides the user ease and comfort and has a lumbar adjuster included to reinforce support in that area using an adjustable strip that is activated from the back. 

The seat has push buttons integrated on both sides to help to adjust the seat. The arms have ergonomic qualities for better rest and their height and depth are adjustable. 

The seat comfort is complemented by height regulation, performed using a gas piston that includes a muffler effect that makes sitting down soft and to regulate the depth of the seat.

The pyramid base is formed by five arms in star shape and allows 360º turning, facilitating movement in all directions, and it has double sided wheels. 

The Atom has developed a unique, exclusive mechanism, the Atom synchro-system, able to combine the common synchro-movement with the auto-weighing mechanism. Through an innovative roller system, this mechanism coordinates the rotating movement of the back with regard to the seat, placing its turning centre above the surface of the seat, very near to the user’s hip. The seat reclining mechanism and seat ensures perfect accompanying during the reclining movement and at no moment is contact with the user’s back and that of the chair lost. Moreover, the hardness of it is auto-adjusted to the user’s weight automatically and offering adequate resistance and assuring perfect operation by users between 45 and 110 Kg.


Technical data

Headpiece: Adjustable height, with upholstered polyurethane foam. 
Arms: Adjustable polished aluminium and polyamide.
Back: Polypropylene exterior casing and upholstered polyurethane foam on the perimeter frame of fibreglass reinforced polyamide.

Seat: Housing of injected polypropylene. 
Lumbar support: Adjustable propylene.

Base: Polyamide pyramid base, 38cm spokes.
Wheels: Diameter 6.5cm, double sided.