Sorigué and the RIVUS Foundation sign a partnership agreement to promote environmental education

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Sorigué and the RIVUS Foundation sign a partnership agreement to promote environmental education

December 20, 2022

Sorigué looks to contribute to developing the environmental education initiatives and activities run by the RIVUS Foundation in 2022-2023.

Sorigué and the RIVUS Foundation have signed a partnership agreement to fund environmental education run by the foundation in 2022-2023.  

This agreement will see Sorigué provide 23,000 euros to drive a variety of environmental education initiatives and activities. These actions will take shape under the “Discover the river” educational programme, the RIVUS Observatory’s Environmental Education, Communication and Training Programme (PROECA) and the Sergi Mingote Academic Work award.  

Signing Ceremony  

The ceremony took place at the Besòs Tordera Consortium and was attended by Josep Monràs, President of the RIVUS Foundation, and Manuel Vélez, Sorigué’s Technology and Services Division Director. 

In the words of Josep Monràs, “public-private partnerships are instrumental to making strides in environmentally educating the general public and we welcome the awareness Sorigué has demonstrated by signing this agreement”.  

Meanwhile, Manuel Vélez stated that “it is an honour for Sorigué to take part in this initiative as it aligns perfectly with our values as a company. The future of companies, and society in general, lies in environmental education and care”. 

About the Environmental Education Programmes  

The “Discover the river” environmental education programme has been running since 1993-1994 and offers an array of workshops, field trips and classroom activities for students from infant school age through to sixth form.  

Over 6,000 students take part every year to learn more about the Besòs and Tordera river basins, and develop a better understanding of the water cycle and how wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) operate.  

PROECA, run by the RIVUS Observatory, aims to make the outcomes generally available throughout society. This includes activities for introducing students to sampling methodologies, along with conferences, guided field trips and travelling exhibitions.  

In its commitment to social and environmental sustainability, the Sorigué group partners with the RIVUS Foundation to raise general awareness about the importance of preserving river biodiversity, and of responsibly using water resources.