Our facilities

Our facilities

Bucket Truck

Nissan Cabstar 35.13 truck, with a Palfinger lifting basket model PA 20 T, with a 20-metre range.

Load Truck

Nissan Atleon truck TK 3.35, with a maximum authorized mass of 3,500 kg and an open box.

Recovery equipment for refrigerant gas

Liquid or vapour recovery equipment. The recovery of refrigerant gases is mandatory for all cooling systems.

CO atmosphere measuring device

Professional analysis meter for combustion product gases.
These systems can be adjusted undergoing tests to verify it meets the emission limit values established by law.

Offices in Lleida

Our Service and Assistance company (Axer) has a 650 m2 office, facilities occupying a 1,500 m2 warehouse and a 2,000 m2 open space, located in the industrial estate El Camí dels Frares in Lleida.

Thermographic Camera

Infrared picture camera, suitable for many applications, such as equipment troubleshooting, preventive and predictive maintenance, as well as for diagnosis.

Micro scanner Cable Verifier

Multifunctional portable professional test instrument, for the realization of all measurements according to European standard, as well as various other tests and measurements.

Universal TV Explorer

Designed to meet all the measurement needs during the transition from analogue broadcasting to digital in terrestrial, satellite and cable systems.
Allows measuring both analogue and digital signals.