Cold agglomerate

Cold agglomerate

Direct-application asphalt product made using premium quality products.

Regulatory asphalts
Material location:
Cold agglomerate
Formatos de venta:
17 l, Big bag, Bulk

Fast application: The agglomerate is applied directly from the packaging. Does not disturb other road users, as lengthy traffic stoppages are not required.
Storage: The plastic packaging maintains the product properties in perfect condition.

High quality product: Produced in line with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.
Composition: 2/5 grain size with polygenic aggregate. C67BPF4 bitumen emulsion.



Technical data

Storage: Store between 5°C and 30°C. Do not use under 5°C. Protect from long exposure to sunlight, frosts and rain.

Curing time: From 10 to 20 days. Application should be sealed with sand or cement to prevent surface disintegration. Do not manoeuvre on top of the application during curing time.

Quantity: 25 kg is needed for a 1 m2 surface 1.5 cm thick.


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