Barcelona water network

Barcelona water network

Maintenance and upkeep of the drinking water network and connection of new buildings and facilities, in addition to carrying out works and/or the implementation of new piping in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

Aigües de Barcelona
1959 - 2019
Type of service:
Distribution networks

This service includes both scheduled and non-scheduled work for 23 municipalities, the home to 3 million people. Non-scheduled work involves repairing all incidents that may affect the network. Scheduled work includes connecting new buildings and facilities to the Aigües de Barcelona network. 

We also renovate and/or deploy new piping, accessories and associated elements. The work consists in digging the trench, positioning the new pipes, refilling and, finally, replacement of the paving. The company’s management system is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Technical data

Maintenance service

No. of connections:
3,000 new connections per year.
13 connections per day.
Incidents serviced:
6,000 malfunctions per year.
17 incidents per day.
Companies with Asbestos Risk actions:
1,150 actions per year. 

Renovation or new piping work:

km of pipelines:
4,600 km total network.
New pipelines:
70-75 km per year.
300 ml per day.
Renovation of valves and other elements:
500 actions per year.

Pipe types

Small diameter: 90 mm to 300 mm.
Large diameter: 400 mm to 1,600 mm.
Pipe materials:
Ductile iron
Reinforced concrete with metal covering, other.