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Services for the city

Interactive feature that presents the services offered by the business group to the city through its different business lines.


Corporate Catalog

Sorigué is a dynamic group of leading companies in the technology and water engineering, services, construction and materials sector with a clear commitment to innovate and improve society.


Urban Services

Sorigué offers a wide range of specialized services for all kinds of infrastructure and equipment, as well as for various urban demands. Sorigué has a technical team with a great deal of experience, as well as management tools to detect incidents and logistics.



Sorigué is able to completely manage any building process with the highest standards of quality. In addition to a specialization in industrial and residential construction, we have a long history of building singular projects, such as health centers, education centers, sporting facilities, hotels, parking garages, and others.


Urban asphalts

Sorigué has 60 years’ experience in formulating and laying asphalt mixtures. The company provides a high level of specialization and know-how. Sorigué has invested this knowledge in continual improvement of products and seeking innovative solutions to optimize efficiency, sustainability and design.


Water cycle

Throughout our 60 years of business activity, we at Sorigué have developed a comprehensive and sustainable water cycle management model that allows us to constantly evolve and maintain our position as a leader in the sector.


Roads and tunnels

Sorigué is specialized in outdoor linear works, as well as major underground works. The group is also specialist in comprehensive maintenance of roads, highways, railways and airport infrastructures.



Sorigué covers comprehensively the entire construction process with the highest quality standards. Sorigué is specialized in the industrial and residential sector, having great experience in unique buildings as well as hotels.



The company manufactures and commercializes pavements and prefabricated for urbanization and sanitation, which combine design and sustainability. With more than six decades of experience in the development of innovative pavements, Sorigué offers tailored solutions to each client.



CLD Corporation is a company with over 85 years of experience in the management of urban services and one of the leading environmental operators in Catalonia.



Constraula is a Sorigué group company that operates in construction and urban services. Its work is centred on three lines of business: urban and public road maintenance; building and facility maintenance; and new works and urban rehabilitation.