Asphalt tactile paving for assisting the blind.

Technical asphalts
Aficsa, Firtec, Sorigué, Vialex
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Stamped asphalt for assisting the blind. Firblind uses asphalt as the base of engraving tactile paving designs for assisting the blind. Firbond-Pu colour treatment is applied afterwards. 

Execution process

The execution process is similar to stamped asphalt, but using high-density plastic moulds.  Tactile guides using various standard mesh models help guide the visually impaired.

The Firblind finish is obtained after spreading, once the optimum temperature for the engraving has been reached. It can also be executed within a year of laying existing asphalt surfaces if they have the right grain size and the area is heated beforehand.

The result is a flexible surface whose relief complies with standards for assisting the visually impaired. It can be adapted to the required shape and width, engraving can be customised and pre-designed patterns can be used.

Application of Firbond-Pu colour treatment

After engraving the asphalt, the Firbond-Pu colour treatment can be applied to improve signalling for the blind.