Addition of colored aggregates to asphalt mixes to break up the monotony of the asphalt surface.

Technical asphalts
Aficsa, Firtec, Sorigué, Vialex
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Addition of color. Uses a pigmented aggregate pre-wrapped in a synthetic film for application to an asphalt surface.


Consists of the spreading of the asphalt mix and subsequent manual application of the colored aggregate on the pavement. The subsequent compacting stage ensures that these particles are integrated with the asphalt mix. The synthetic binding film covering the aggregate ensures adherence between both pavement components.

The result is an asphalt mix that has the mechanical properties of a wearing course but at the same time allows for varied designs, combining the pigment tones with the color of the mix aggregates.

Completed projects

Some of the projects completed using this system are:

Calles de Gràcia in Barcelona.
Accessway to the Navarcles Monastery.



The chipping system consists of manual placement of large-sized colored aggregate over a recently applied mix, thereby achieving full integration of the aggregate in the pavement. This provides additional color to the asphalt, breaking from the conventional appearance of this material.

The colored aggregate is made by pre-wrapping each of the aggregate particles in a synthetic binding film and adding the pigment for the desired tone.